Andaman – Haywizz Havelock Island Resort

To create more awareness about the actual hotels rooms and pictures, we are sharing the pictures that are either shared by the hotel management or taken ourselves.

Hotel Haywizz is 48 rooms hotel. These 48 rooms are split in Two categories. The name of the category is  Premium and Deluxe. There are 24 Premium rooms and 24 deluxe In this property. All rooms are same.

Premium Room at Haywizz

Deluxe Room at Haywizz

Difference between both the rooms are the Premium Room has Pool view room and all the rooms are on the first floor. Deluxe room has private pool in the rooms, and all of them are on the ground floor.

Pros of Hotel  Haywizz Havelock Island Resort

  • Hotel has a Pool, and all the rooms are pool view rooms.
  • Customer reviews has been superb this year i.e. Year 2019.
  • Hotel is very nice and comfortable.
  • Food is good and tasty.
  • Breakfast spread is good enough.
  • Hotel is near to Jetty. One can walk and reach hotel.

Cons of Hotel Haywizz Havelock Island Resort

  • It is not a beach resort but they have pool in the property.
  • No Lift in this property but not required for lift.
  • All deluxe room in Ground floor and premium room in first.

All in all, we have sold approx 200 rooms in this year and we will not get a single issue. It has been pretty much liked by all sort of travelers i.e. Honeymooners and Family travelers alike. However the hotel is marked/sold in Deluxe category hotel.

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