Andaman Hotel – Marina Manor

Hotel Marina Manor was a new hotel in Port Blair, it was built in 2018. It is situated within the city. It is the part of a shopping complex.
Rooms are done extremely well by it’s owner. As per our travel associate he claims that rooms are as good as the rooms of any other 4 star property. Yet we think that claim is little louder than expected. Even though, we expect it to be little lesser than claims than the rooms are worth good 3 star hotels out there in the city.
Let’s look at the pictures posted by the owner.

Deluxe Room and Family Room are the same rooms except that family has 2 double beds whereas Deluxe Room has only 1 double bed.

We have requested to provide us more pictures of the hotels once it’s front part is done.
Main Points

  1. Hotel is part of a shopping complex, so you can always go out and roam around/buy stuff if required in need.
  2. Lift is operational from Diwali.
  3. Wifi is available, as per the owner.
  4. We have never faces any complaints about the hotel.
  5. Breakfast Buffet is good.


  1. Staff is lesser than requisite one.
  2. Hotel is in the middle of the market so few guest does not like this fact

Marina Manor has been the one of the best hotel for our business, we have sold them way too more and most importantly we did not get any complaints except one guest who was really looking for some extreme luxury stay in Andaman.

Hotel is Deluxe/Premium category hotel in 3 star. Perfect Hotel, in port blair, for travellers on deluxe Budget. Perfect for Families as well as Honeymooners

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