A guide to Jain Pilgrimage at Bihar & Jharkhand

Bihar & Jharkhand have been the epicenter for the Jain pilgrimage. As per the Jain Shastra, Agam, 20 Jain Tirthankars, out of 24, have attained the Moksha at Shikhar Ji, which is highest peak of the region too, Jharkhand. That’s not all, in addition to these Tirthankars, millions of Jain Sadhus have achieved the salvation from the same mountain. Shikhar Ji acts as a center of Jain Astha, and various other places & sights, holding the important place in Jainism, are near to the Shikhar Ji.

Shikhar Ji/Parasnath Hills: Parasvnath hills is the another name of Shikhar Ji. It is the significant most Jain pilgrimage. These hills constitute 5 peaks. To complete one Yatra, a person has to climb all the peaks in a single day.

There are 24 Tirthakars in Jainism, and out of those 24 deities 20 have achieved the salvation on this mountain. As per our elders, we must complete minimum three Yatra’s of this Sacred Mountain in lifetime. While Shikhar Ji is known to every Jain yet there are few questions which still need answers.

How to reach Reach Shikhar Ji? What are the nearest Airport or Railway Stations?

Now a days, Shikhar Ji is quite accessible, it is connected with flight, train and buses.

As of now, nearest airport is Durgapur and Ranchi which are approximately 180 Kms away and the road journey is 4 hours. Deogarh Airport, is 120 Kms from Parasnath hills, is under construction phase as of Feb 2020. Other 2 airports within 250 Km range are Gaya and Patna Airport.

You can reach Durgapur/Ranchi/Patna/Gaya via flight and catch the bus to reach to Shikhar Ji. You can even hire a vehicle to drop you. Nearest railway station is Parasnath Railway Station. Most of the train, including Rajdhani, halt at the station to make it convenient for Jain Thirth Yatri.

What the best options to Stay in Shikhar Ji? Are hotels Available In Shikhar Ji?

Shikhar Ji has many stay options for Jain Shradhalu, yet all the options are basic Dharamshala. Due to Jain community Opposition, hotel industry is yet to enter the area even after having the huge demand. There are various Dharamshalas which are huge enough to accommodate all the pilgrims even in the most crowded seasons. These Dharamshalas give preferences to the Jains based on the sect i.e. Digamber (13 or 20 Panth) and Swetambar. Rooms and rent are quite basic. As per the modern requirements, new rooms are constructed to facilitate young people who are seeking better accommodation yet the rooms cannot provide the leisure of hotels.

What are the eating options available in Shikhar Ji? Is Non Jain Food Available there?

Jain food is easily available in all Dharamshala wherever you are staying. At few Dharamshala, it is free of cost however some other charge INR 60-80 per person per meal/Thali which is genuinely low price. In Shikhar Ji, you do not have the choice of eating out at restaurant. Yes, you can choose a different BHOJNALAYA but it is not possible to find restaurant with Non Jain food. It is even more difficult to find the eating joint in the night. Even if there is at-least one (That we know), it would be extremely embarrassing for you to ignore people who are staring at sinner like you (Yeah, I was starving so curtains of shamelessness were required.).

Let me know about Yatra.

Click on the above link to know more about the Actual Yatra.

Hope you would enjoy your visit and share your experience with us soon.

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