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Though Neil Island is the less traveled destination of Andaman, yet lot of travelers, seeking solitude, are travelling to the Neil. The island has started receiving enough footfalls because Havelock has become overcrowded in the last few years. Even though the count has really soared, yet Neil can be termed as a sleeping beauty which is yet to be colored in the touristy benchmarks.

Neil Island has four tourist points as mentioned below:

  1. Bharatpur Beach
  2. Laxmanpur Beach – Sunset Point
  3. Sitapur Beach – Sunrise point & Farthest of all other points.
  4. Natural Bridge

Bharatpur Beach & Natural Bridge were great places to visit and enjoy the nature’s enigmatic paintings, yet Sitapur Beach is another gem to list among the gorgeous sights in the Neil Island. At the time of the sunrise, innumerable colors spread across the horizon due to the rising sun, and the beautiful ocean. At that time, the ocean oozes the elegance on the earth, and the sun radiates the magnificence across the sky.

Sitapur Beach is part of the Sitapur village. This beach is 5-6 Km away from the jetty and 6 Km far from Laxmanpur beach where known resorts are located. Summer Sand, Holiday Inn, & TSG Blue Resorts are quite near to this beach. Most travel agents do not include this beach in the itinerary because travelling to this beach is expensive (INR 600-800 Per Vehicle), and sitting or relaxing on the beach is not possible due to the lack of facilities. Additionally, lazy drivers don’t come early at the time of sunrise in the morning and agents have to face the heat of the angry tourists.

Every Sunrise has been special yet this was magnificent

Morning is the best time to visit the beach to watch the spectacular sunrise. The Sun rises from the depth of the ocean and glitters on each water drop, and soon reaches to the horizon to bring the light at the island. You can visit the beach any time of the day, yet the morning glitter and the evening peace, for soul searching, are not available at rest of the day.

The Sun and The Ocean – Eternal together

It is worth to visit the beach before the sunrise to watch the inexpressible beauty and the uncountable colors of the nature. However other time of the day it becomes difficult to spend the time on the beach as enough facilities are not available over here. Nonetheless, you can certainly visit the beach to find the peace and the solitude if other beaches are crowded.

Sitapur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman
Sitapur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman

Though, we visited the beach quite early, so no underwater activities were available at the beach. Yet commercially it is not feasible to conduct any activity here, as hardly a few people know or travel this beach during the day time.
TSG Blue Resort is on the beach, so if you want to spend a long time on the beach, you can use the restaurant facility of the resort and enjoy the beach privately, almost.

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