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Though Neil Island is the less traveled destination of Andaman, yet lot of travelers, seeking solitude, are travelling to the Neil. Neil has been receiving enough footfall because Havelock has become overcrowded in the past few years. Even though tourists have been travelling to the Neil in the recent past, yet the place is still a sleeping beauty which is yet not colored in the touristy benchmarks.
Neil Island has four tourist points as mentioned below:

  1. Bharatpur Beach
  2. Laxmanpur Beach – Sunset Point
  3. Sitapur Beach – Sunrise point & Farthest of all other points.
  4. Natural Bridge

Among all the destinations, Bharatpur beach is the most popular and developed beach. It has all the basic facilities required to relax and enjoy. This beach has changing rooms, eateries, bathing facility, souvenir shops, coconut water, and the life guards. Additionally, all sport-activities, in the Neil Island, can be availed only at this beach.

This beach is one KM far from Jetty. To reach the beach, you would need a small walk of 10-15 minutes from the jetty. However, it is little too far from resorts which are located at Laxmanpur beach.

Though the Beach remains open till 6PM, yet it becomes quite secluded when tides are low. As Water level, on the beach, depends on the tide orientation, so if you are planning to enjoy water sports i.e. snorkeling or Jet Ski or Boat Ride, you must visit the place in high tides. When tides are low, water level recedes quite low and you can walk 800 to 900 meters, in the ocean, from the coastline.

Bharatpur Beach is a beautiful beach with lot of trees, next to the coastal line, which give plenty of shelter for people who want only to sit and relax. It would be unwise to appreciate the water clarity, yet again, even at the shore however cleanliness at the beach was also superb. It becomes hard to resist yourself to not to take a dip in the water.

Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island
Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman
In Love with Bharatpur Beach
In Love with Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island

Once the water recedes, you can walk into the ocean. The small piece of land looks similar to a tiny island which is built just for you only for few hours. The Sight and Views from your island would be mesmerizing and beautiful. Spending 3-4 hours at the beach would be more than fun.

bharatpur Beach
Tiny Little Islands (After water recedes) at Bharatpur beach
Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island
Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island

Beach also offers the luxury of fresh water to clean yourself after coming out of the beach. A small bath costs INR 10 per person. Shopping here is not as expensive as other tourist destinations. Vendors charge nominal amount for souvenirs they sell. Fresh coconut water & tea/snacks shops are also available on the shore. This beach is the best beach to relax and enjoy the leisurely time.

Bharatpur Beach
Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island

There are many activities available at the beach. Snorkeling, at Bharatpur Beach, is considered the best among all the snorkeling-sites at Andaman. Its cost varies as per the distance covered in the sea. Cost, here, starts with INR 500/-. Scuba, Jet Ski, Boat Ride was available at the beach. (PS: We did not experience snorkeling over here.)
Hope you would enjoy your visit and share your experience with us soon.

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