Itinerary: Delhi – Leh by Road

Let’s look at the travel options when a person is travelling from Delhi to Leh.

By Flight: Certainly there are direct flights from Delhi to Leh. But Someone would surely look for cheaper transport for reach to Leh.

By Buses and Trains
To reach Leh there are 2 roads which are preferred by travellers.
First one is Delhi – Manali – Keylong – Leh
Another is Delhi – Jammu – Srinagar – Kargil – Leh
It would be best to choose one way while reaching to Leh and another to return from Leh. Both the roads are amazingly scenic and worth investing the time. (People who have not reached Leh with Road, have seen only the half of Ladakh.)
It is best to prefer Delhi – Srinagar – Leh road while reaching to Leh and return from Leh – Manali – Delhi road for acclimatization.
Reaching Leh from Delhi via Srinagar (Or return):

  • There are various trains available from Delhi to Jammu Tawi Railway station. Better buy a 3AC ticket, for a comfortable journey as the roads ahead are exerting, it would at most cost near INR 1,000/- If a train ticket is not availble, there are various AC sleeper coaches from Delhi to Jammu which cost almost similar.
  • Jammu railway station and bus stand are close by. So reach to bus stand.
  • There are various buses which travel to Srinagar from Jammu in the morning. The journey would take 6–7 hours to Reach Srinagar. It would cost around INR 1000/- Make sure that train reaches early in the morning. Even there is direct bus from Srinagar to Delhi. That’s a boon. Check the link J&K State Road Transport Corporation
  • From Srinagar J & K State Road Transport Corporation (J&K SRTC) operates regular Deluxe and Ordinary bus services between Srinagar and Leh on this route with an overnight halt at Kargil. Taxis (cars and jeeps) are also available at Srinagar for the journey. Groups can charter Deluxe and A-class buses for Leh, Kargil or Padum (Zangskar) from the J & K SRTC at Srinagar. Check the link Department of Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir
  • So Reach to Leh in around 4K per person which is a good deal and Enjoy the most scenic roads in India.

Reaching Leh from Delhi via Manali (Or return): It is more charming route, but it is little dangerous to take for onward journey.

  • There are various buses available from Delhi to Manali. It takes 16–17 hours to reach Manali with Volvo or Sleeper coaches. HPRTC and other bus agencies are operational on this route.
  • Reach to Manali by 7–8Pm the morning. Next take the bus, run by HPRTC, connecting leh to Manali with one halt at Keylong. Check the link Leh-Manali-Leh bus Schedule or take shared taxies going to Leh from Manali.

It would take 3 days to reach leh via Manali, and money required for the same would be around INR 4000 only.
Travel Leh atleast once in life, it is most amazing place to spend some time.

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