Snowy Hills!!!

Lot of us are scared to face the winters even at ground, so it seems superfluous to even think to travel Hills in winters. People, even planning a trip to hills, look crazy. Do they not?

Did you ever¬†imagine the chill which inspire those¬†crazy folks to travel in most difficult time of the year?¬†Oh well!!! Let’s try to find that out.

  • Every peak would be something like this.¬†So as soon as you will enter the hills, it would become a common scene for you.

  • It is possible that you might encounter a snowfall at that time and you would love it most. I enjoyed the snowfall when I travelled to¬†Shimla. It felt as a new life into the body.

  • Sipping your favourite beverages while sitting in the balcony and watching snow falling.1937900-bigthumbnail
  • Oh yes, on top of all this there is paragliding activity at few places. Check this link Welcome to Dharamshala Flying Club Can you imagine all the mountains laden with snow under you? Wow, it is just unimaginable. How cool would that be?
  • You can trek some small peak¬†at this season. (Though I am not sure would that be perfect season for this.)
  • Oh, leaving the bed at the time of run rise would be difficult, but it would be most beautiful sun rise of your life. Run will rise behind the mountains and Snow will shine like silver.sunrise-on-tiger-hill
  • Enjoy the Ice Cream in the snowing weather.boy-600x450
  • All this at best prices of any seasons. At this time, occupancy of the hotels are quite less, so you can enjoy the good bargain offered by hotels. Best hotel rooms can also be availed at seemingly less price.moneymatters
  • Most important, hill stations would not be crowded as any other place in india during¬†winters. You can rejuvenate and introspecte your mind and body in solitude.b_pgxclxeaaozmo
  • Cold shivering breeze and low temperature will surely give you a tough time to manage, so you would need to fully prepared for this.
  • If you are travelling at the Christmas time/new year time, it would be difficult to find a hotel at good price, and most of the hotels charge you good amount at the name mandatory GALA Dinner. You must need to be aware about that also. Amount goes upto INR 1,000/- per person.

Now you understand the point. People are crazy for good reasons. So why not you leave your notion behind, and join those crazies and enjoy the places which were in your list.

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PS: All the pics are taken from google.

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