A small conversation with a Doctor

Oh hell, Madam is damn too late. She is just not able to cope up with the pressure.

Madam: Lata, who are have come? Send me IN, based on the appointment number.

Lata sends us in after 2 patients. Madam has been screaming on each patient to come on time and wait for her to return from her visits from the hospitals.

Madam: Hi, How are you doing?

and in the discussion she starts the observations as well.

Me: I am good mam. How do you do? You seem little stressed.

Madam: Oh, I am frustrated with my life. I can’t even enjoy my life for a day. I can not even take a day off from such excruciating work.

Me: Take a break mam. Travel to some destinations. Go to Leh/Ladah, travel to Goa, enjoy Andaman, or see the beautiful Kashmir. All of them will relieve your stress and rejuvenate your soul to work with

Madam: I don’t have time to live and you are asking me to travel for a week. What a joke?

If you think, then you will realize that characters are different but the story is true to everyone. Irrespective of our profession, Most of us have forgotten to enjoy the world around us. We are running in the rat race to grab as much money as we can. We don’t want to sit back and rest a bit rather we want to run faster than others who are already running ahead of us.


Just to save money for our kids or to save some future which is not even known to us.

Why can we not live in present!!!!!!

Because future looks so bleak to us. NO!!! Our future is not bleak rather the present it. Can we not make the present working for you?

World has so much to offer, leave world aside. Let’s talk about India. India has so much to offer to calm your nerve and rest a bit far from Maddening Crowd in the lap of nature.

Let’s see some places which can inspire you.

Andaman Islands


Kashmir Valley the heaven


Rajaputana and it’s history

Kerala and it’s backwaters


Sikkim and it’s hill


Tawang and beautiful lakes

Shangetsar lake
Shangetsar lake

Meghalayan Beauty

Boats on the River Dawki
Boats on the River Dawki

Leh/Ladakh and it’s landscapes


Manali with Paragliding


Chittrakoot and it’s waterfall


Goa and beaches


and many more mesmerizing yet beautiful places are there in India. So pack your bag and just leave your tension back home. Enjoy what world has in it’s garden to offer you.

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PS: Most of these photos are from internet.

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