Itinerary – Valley of Flowers

You would be amazed with the valley. This valley is most beautiful after rains. It needs lot of trekking, but believe me it is worth a visit.

Best time to travel
Best time to visit the place is August to October. After rains valley blossoms at it best and remains as it is until it becomes snow white.
1. Reach to Rishikesh by Bus that should cost you 200-300. Plan the bus journey in such a way that you reach to the Rishikesh in the morning.
2.  From the Rishikesh Bus Stand you will get buses to Joshimath/Govinddham/Badrinath. Take the bus to Govindghat INR 200-300. We stayed in Joshimath to enjoy the place, though there were not any sight to see.
3. Stay overnight in Gurudwara and enjoy the Langer free. Zero cost
4. Trek to Ghangharia,. Stay in Gurudwara and have delicious yet free dinner. Zero cost.
Ghanghria is approximately 13 Kms from Govindghat. It would take you 6 hours to reach to Ghangharia. If you do not plan to trek a lot, better hire a horse or a pony.
5. Trek to Valley of Flower. Enjoy the valley return to Gurudwara with free dinner.Zero cost
VOF is 7-8 Kms from Ghanghria. It is an easy trek, so it would take you around 3-4 hours one side.
6. Return to Govindghat, catch a bus and return to Rishikesh. 200-300 Per person.
7. Take a night bus from Rishikesh to Delhi. INR 200-300.
If you have time, and you love trekking, trek to Hemkund Sahib and Enjoy the delicious and warm Khichdi at Gurudwara Sahib. Believe it or not, we enjoyed it thrice. Trek to Hemkund Sahib is bit hard, as it is steep. But do not worry, you will see 60 years old lady trekking along with you.
You would need 4 days, Hemkund Sahib not included, and INR 2500 per person at max for your travel. If you feel bad that you stayed in Gurudwara for 3 days without spending a penny, donate INR 1000/- per person and do some “KAR-Seva”.
We did the same, so why you can not.
It would take time to reach the valley but it would worth your time.
With Kids
Ghangharia is place to stay for people who travel to Hemkund Sahib, a famous Sikh pilgrimage. So you can hire ponies for the kids, but Ponies/Horses may not be available for VOF from Ghangharia.

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