Arunachal Pradesh – Tawang Darshan

Arunachal Pradesh, a state less traveled, has been quite unexplored even after it is known as most eco-bio-diverse state in India. There can be various regions for it. The most important reason, we find, is the marketing. Oh Yes, Arunachal has not been marketed to its real potential instead people/media houses have created horror stories regarding seven sister states. Beautiful places of Arunachal are not known to people and no efforts have been put forward by GOI or GOAP to limelight the tourism potential of these states.
We are explorer and travelers. We were searching a distinct place to travel for a long time, Tawang was proposed to us as a less explore destination. We could not really find lot of information on internet on Tawang at a specific places. People have shared their experiences, but those are good enough to give us the complete idea.
To bridge the gap of information available and required, we have started a series which would be provide you required information to plan your trip. Sufficient number of days, places to cover, hotels to stay, destinations, places, and landmarks we loved and difficulty you might encounter all information have been shared. We are writing it with our personal experience, and we would to resolve your queries about the place. You can leave your query as a comment or call us at +91-9911615555 or drop us an email at
We started our travel from Guwahati, halted at Tezpur, and then hired a cab for Tawang. From Tezpur we started for Dhirang. Next stop after Dhirang was Tawang, the beautiful district of Arunachal. It was first occupied by Tibetan Government, but under a pact Tibetian government gave up the land to India.
Details of Day 1 – Day 5
In Tawang, we spend 6 days. We trekked, traveled, got to spend some time with nature, some time in shopping. We traveled to Zemithang, Bumla, Shangester i.e. Madhuri Lake, chucksum bridge, and monasteries.
Details of┬áDay 6 – Day 11
In addition, we tried to review the landmarks that we visited to help you to figure out the worth of the place.
Landmark Review Day 1 – Day 5
Landmark Review Day 6┬á– Day┬á11
Though we were lucky enough to choose our first hotel we entered, but still we check lot many hotels to figure out the services and hotel standard at various places. Our reviews might help you to decide the hotel, you would love to stay.
Hotels Reviews
Inner line permit to Arunachal Pradesh is mandatory for all Indians travelling to the state. You must know the process. In addition, you would be required to avail the pass for Bumla too.
Inner Line Permit to AP and Bumla
In addition, we are sharing contact details of the places, drivers, and people who could make your journey enjoyable.
Important Contacts required for Tawang Travel
We tried to cover all the aspects of our travel in the blogs mentioned above. If you still feel that there is something which is not yet covered, let us know. We would love to help you out with those details.

If you have any queries and questions about the sight, please add a comment. We would answer you as soon as possible. If you are planning to travel to Andaman, Kerala, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kashmir, Jain Tirth Yatra, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and any other place, give LazYatra a chance to plan it for you. You can call me at +91-9540-611-889 or +91-9911-61-5555 or mail us

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