Arunchal Pradesh – Tawang Darshan – Hotel Reviews

To provide information about Tawang, we have started a series which would be helpful to plan your trip. Sufficient number of days, places to cover, hotels to stay, destinations, places, and landmarks we loved and difficulty you might encounter all will be covered in this series.

During our journey we explored/checked various hotels at different places. At few places options were unlimited whereas at some it became a nightmare to find a single hotel. We are budget travellers, so we don’t include luxury class hotels during our expedition. Still our reviews will provide you an excellent idea about the expectations from each place. We spent few nights at nice rooms with amazing views and great services, whereas few nights were limited to a sleep to energies body from tiring road journey. We will try to list all the hotels, so please bear with us.
Please note that as we did not stay in most of the hotel, so we didn’t reviewed the hotel on tripadvisor.
Guwahati: Let’s start with Guwahati. Our first night stay during our trip.
Hotel City Palace

Stayed : No
Location : Next to ASTC Bus stand, Paltan Bazar
Place : Suitable for people who want to leave early morning. Rooms were clean and spacious.
Services : No Idea
Looked Value for Money : Expensive based on area
Charges : INR 1900/- for Standard AC Room

Hotel is at 3rd floor and you can reach to the place from -1 floor by lift. Receptionist was nice and accommodating. Rooms were okay and those were spacious. We did not stay as it was out of our budget. Otherwise place was standard. It was JUST OKAY.
Hotel Bob

Stayed : No
Location : Next to ASTC Bus stand, Paltan Bazar
Place : Quite Suitable for people who want to leave early next morning without spending anything, i.e sort of anything. Rooms were small, not clean.
Services : No Idea
Looked Value for Money : Dirt Cheap, Yes, but for only backpackers or people love to travel in least amount.
Charges : INR 650 for 2 bedded room

We think that it was cheap but only backpackers can stay without expecting anything more than the bed in the room and if you just want to crash and wake up in the morning and leave.
Hotel Hornbill

Stayed : No
Location : 5 minutes’ walk to ASTC Bus stand, Paltan Bazar
Place : Hotel’s ambiance is nice, and rooms, gallery, and reception area are spacious.
Services : They lacked a bit in service, besides stay was OKAY.
Looked Value for Money : Economic
Charges : INR 1600 for 2 bedded standard AC room

We think that this hotel was value for money. Rooms were spacious, though cots were not as good as you would expect. Hotel has in-house restaurant, but we did not try dinner at Hotel. Besides hotel was good, staff was courteous, and it was worth the amount we paid for AC room.
We checked few other hotels options, but those were not even worth mentioning in the post. If you want to luxurious hotels in by payment higher amount, you can check the 2 hotels just opposite to hotel Hornbill.
Tezpur: We stayed in Tezpur twice. While going to Tawang whereas while returning from Tawang.
Prasanthi Tourist Lodge

Stayed : No (No rooms were available on both the days)
Location : 5 minutes’ walk to ASTC Bus stand, Tezpur
Place : Looks good from outside
Services : No Idea
Looked Value for Money : No Idea
Charges : No Idea

Hotel is operated by Assam government. From the outer view, it gives good feeling and looks a nice option for a night stay.
Hotel Durba

Stayed : Yes
Location : 5 minutes’ walk to ASTC Bus stand, Tezpur
Place : Hotel is quite old, and rooms and bedding were also not clean. Bedding was not even soft. No constant hot water in Bathroom.
Services : Room service was not good and waiter asked us money for his drinks in the evening.
Looked Value for Money : Cheap
Charges : INR 700 for 2 bedded NAC room

We were not able to find any room at tourist lodge and we were in hurry to go back to DC house so we were desperately searching for a hotel. Hotel Durba was in a way respite to us but it is not kind of hotel that you would love to go. Anyway to resume onward journey to next destination, it is still okay.
We did not know the place to stay. We were suggested this hotel by locals. We walked into the hotel without knowing any better places around the bus stand. Even though we were not satisfied with the room, but due to lack of options we checked in. Rooms were old and dirty. Bedding were not even good to sleep.
One of the staff member came to us to ask money for his drink which was ridiculous.
Hotel is accompanied with a restaurant which served good food in economic rates which was one good point about hotel.
Though restaurant, affiliated to the hotel, served us good lunch and dinner. It was economic yet tasty.
Hotel Central Point

Stayed : Yes
Location : 5 minutes’ walk to ASTC Bus stand. It is behind the bus stand.
Place : Nice hotel, feels good, and have their own restaurant too
Services : Receptionist was bit rude, otherwise other things were perfect
Looked Value for Money : Economic
Charges : INR 900 for 2 bedded NAC room

We think that this hotel was value for money. Rooms were spacious, and clean. There was not much difference between NON Ac and AC room except the AC. Hotel has in-house restaurant, but we did not try dinner at Hotel.
Dirang: We stayed in Dirang while going to Tawang to break the journey to remain fresh for the entire journey.
Tourist Lodge

Stayed : Yes
Location : It is on the hill and offers awesome view. All Taxi Driver know the place.
Place : Nice location, awesome rooms (Literally awesome), hill top so gives you the awesome hill view.
Services : Management was bit lacking as property owner handed it over to few teenagers to manage the property. No generator facility.
Looked Value for Money : Economic
Charges : INR 1100 for 2 bedded NAC room

Hotel is located on hill top and it is best place to stay. From here you can see the village, flowing river, and high mountains together. If you talk about rooms, those are simply awesome. Build with teakwood, these are the blend of classical houses with the touch of modernity. Service was prompt. All the orders were served within stipulated time. Food, served, was homemade food yet the quantity of the few items were little less. All in all, I would recommend heartily to try this hotel.
We were not able to review this hotel on TA as Trip Advisor does not allow to write reviews about the hotel. I am not sure why? But it is worth your money.
Tawang: Here we are. Sapno Ki Nagari the dream and destination city.
Hotel Sidhdhartha

Stayed : No
Location : Nehru Market, Tawang
Place : Rooms are nice and from few rooms you have a valley view
Services : Owner is a nice lady, rest as did not stay so it would be difficult to comment on other services.
Looked Value for Money : Economic
Charges : 1200 for NAC with Heater (No AC needed at 10000 feet above sea level)

Hotel Sidhdhartha, most hotels, is a home stay. Owner has developed few more floors on top their actual house. Rooms are nice, clean, curtained, and carpeted. Rooms are basic with requisite items in addition to TV and heater. It looks newly build and the place is maintained well.
Hotel Mount View

Stayed : No
Location : Nehru Market, Tawang
Place : Decent and well decorated rooms. But none of the rooms has really any view
Services : No Idea
Looked Value for Money : Based on Tawang standard, rates were bit higher
Charges : 1300-1600 without heater. Heater charges were 250/- per day

Hotel Mount View is also a homestay where owner stays on the first floor whereas the rooms are on second floor and above. Rooms were large, carpeted, clean, and colourful. Hotel Rooms, that we saw, do not offer any specific view.
Hotel Budhdha

Stayed : No
Location : Old Market, Tawang
Place : Rooms are bit old, and floors and walls are wooden
Services : We had our breakfast in the hotel, it was good and nice Rajasthani tea, in addition to Poori Sabji.
Looked Value for Money : Economic/Higher side@Tawang Standards
Charges : 1300-1500 for double bedded room with additional charges for heater.

Hotel owner hails from Bikaner, Rajasthan and is a nice person. Main advantage of the hotel is the best tea and food with Rajasthani taste. If you want to eat from a pure vegetarian Rasoi, this is only place which must interest you. Food will be served only on advance order, so Rasoi is generally to the people who are staying in the hotel.
Rooms were little bit old, yet it looked maintained and clean. All 6 rooms and restaurant were on second floor. None of the rooms offer either Mountain or monastery view.
Hotel Tawang Regency

Stayed : No
Location : Old Market, Tawang
Place : Rooms are nice. Hotel offers clear Monastery view from the 5th floor of the hotel.
Services : No Idea
Looked Value for Money : Economic
Charges : 1200-1500 for 2 bedded room

Hotel’s owner is an amicable person. Hotel has 12 rooms, where one room on each floor is luxurious having sofa set and various other things where other 2 rooms are standard rooms equipped with Heater and TV. As usual rooms were clean, curtained, carpeted, colourful and spacious. Hotel owner does not entertain direct reservation, it is affiliated with a tour agent, in Guwahati, who takes care of his business.
Hotel Dawa

Stayed : No
Location : Next to ASTC Bus stand, Paltan Bazar
Place : Stay away from the place. Rooms were neither nice nor fit to price asked.
Services : No Idea
Looked Value for Money : High @ Tawang Standard
Charges : 1700-1800 for double bedded room.

Rooms were not carpeted and they did not ooze the same characteristics which were, by default, present in other hotels. In addition to this, price quoted was higher than other places. You must walk in to the place only if you do not have any alternative option.
Hotel Tawang Inn

Stayed : No
Location : Near to Nehru Market, Tawang
Place : Rooms are spacious, clean, and carpeted. (I believe that it was the only hotel, we visited, where rooms were on ground floor)
Services : No Idea
Looked Value for Money : Economic
Charges : 1400-1800 including heater

We visited Tawang Inn as it is a quite a famous name on internet. Rooms were nice and spacious. Few rooms had Mountain View too. Few rooms were carpeted whereas few others had wooden flooring. All in all it matched to the Tawang Standards. Rooms were as good as rooms at others places that we visited.
Hotel Tawang View

Stayed : Yes
Location : Nehru Market, Tawang
Place : Front 2 rooms at each floor offers Monastery view
Services : Quick, responsive, and helpful
Looked Value for Money : Economic
Charges : 900 (Double Bedded Room) – 1500(Triple bedded room) (Depends on your bargaining skills.)

We spent 5 nights in the hotel. First 2 nights in a double bedded room whereas other 3 nights at triple bedded rooms.
Double bedded room offered Monastery View and it was equipped with wooden flooring. Room was clean, bed was nice, and curtain colour was great. All in all, it was a nice, clean, and maintained room in INR 900/- Only problem was with the bathroom’s tab. I believe that it was room specific only.
Triple bedded room was divided in 2 parts, i.e. 2 rooms separated by a wall. It was equipped with TV, sofa set, and other standard amenities. It was carpeted instead of wooden flooring.
During our stay, heater stopped working and as per the common standards used in various hotels, owner had all the rights to charge us the maintenance cost of the heater. But he did not charge it and took off the heater charges from our room rent.
Service was quick and food, served, was tasty and economic.
These were the few hotels that we visited during our travel. We hope that this information will help you to decide the hotel. We will share contact details soon in a separate blog, with lot of other important information.To Reach us, please fill the below mentioned form.
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