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Anthropological museum is an important place to know the history of tribes and the people residing at the A&N Islands. It provides not only the in depth information about tribes, culture, traditions, changes over the past, dresses, eating habits, and staying styles but also a little information about the people who were migrated as a prisoners of the independence war.

The Museum starts from the history of Homo sapiens and the Arial representation of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and soon elaborates the various tribes in the region, and at the end artifacts are displayed to showcase the survival style of various tribes of the region.

Museum is split across 3 floors where each floor has numerous articles. First Floor is mainly filled with pictures and painted diagrams to take you through the history of human development. At the end it elaborates a little bit more about indigenous tribes of the region. It leaves the scope of more information which is already available on other floors.

2nd floor has many artifacts to suggest the current living style of tribes living in the tropical forests of A&N. These chosen items show the modern world that you might have developed delicate products of ourselves but still we were the rough sketches of human imaginations. These things surely make you think of the survival instincts, within the jungle, and resourcefulness of humans with such limited resources.
3rd floor is mainly about pictures and images taken by professional photographers who were acquainted with some of the tribes. In addition, there is a room dedicated to people who came as a prisoners of war here, and finally settled here with their families for forever to give new identity or society to A&N Islands.

Anthropological Musuem, Port Blair
Anthropological Musuem, Port Blair

Anthropological museum is located on Middle Point, it was closest sightseeing to our hotel, blue sea, and so we walked up to the place. It is quite close to Hotel Shompen. Other important places near to museum are Ananda, & Annapurna restaurants which are quite popular eating joints in the area. You can simply walk to these restaurants, from the Museum, to have delicious lunch.

The Museum remains open from morning 9AM till evening 5PM. However ticket counter and souvenir shop remains open till 4PM only. Museum remains closed on Monday and Government Holidays. Currently, as of Mar 29 2017, ticket costs INR 40/- only.

If you are history enthusiastic, you are going to take 3.5-4 hours to cover the complete museum, however it would surely take 2 hours of your time even at normal pace. The place can be skipped only if history does not entice you and knowing tribal world attracts you. A&N islands is just a best place to swim in the ocean.

Please note that you cannot use any camera, any camera and mobile phone camera, within the museum. You would need to hand over your camera at reception. However you can carry your mobile phone, but you must not use it to take the photographs.

If you have any queries and questions about the sight, please add a comment. We would answer you as soon as possible. If you are planning to travel to Andaman, Kerala, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kashmir, Jain Tirth Yatra, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and any other place, give LazYatra a chance to plan it for you. You can call me at +91-9540-611-889 or +91-9911-61-5555 or mail us

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