UK Exploration: Chamba and Kanatal

Every city of Uttarakhand has great capability to turn into a great tourist destination. We need only a few tourists going to the place and bringing it into the hip list.

Until now, we have travelled many destinations in Uttrakhand and each of these places has something to offer. Our recent trip to Uttarakhand was same this time too. We did not know the places to go and it was a long weekend, therefore all the known hill stations were completely packed. It was very difficult to choose a place in such a crunch situation. Everything mentioned above conspired against us to make sure that we stay in Chamba and Kanatal. We tried to search hotels in Mussoorie and Dhanaulti yet all these places were packed due to the heavy crowd, subsequently, it turned out to be a boon in the disguise. When we booked the hotel in Chamba, we were not really certain about the hotel, yet the owner made us feel that we should be ready for a treat over there.

Ours plans to break the journey in Rishikesh was hampered due to the late start, accordingly, we reached Chamba quite late.

In Chamba, the approaching road to the hotel was quite steep, therefore our tempo traveller could not reach to the hotel’s front gate. We were forced to walk on that steep road, the only drawback of the hotel, and it was quite an enormous task for people who were suffering from BP. As soon as everybody settled down, each of us admired the place. The hut was unbelievably spotless and romantically beautiful. Curtains, sofa set, dining table, bathroom, bedroom, hall, and kitchen were designed with the wonderful taste. It was a treat to stay in such a quaint place on the hilltop.

We had the tastiest food Pahari food for our dinner. Food included the Pahari Rajma, Rice (Which you would not bother to cook at home), Chapatti, Vegetable, and Salad. Don’t you think that we eat such food every day in our homes? Believe me that you don’t. The food was amazingly tasty. Everything at the place was worth every penny for us.
In the morning, we enjoyed a walk in the forest of around 2 KMs across the farms and forest. It is possible to take various routes in the forest, and we took the longest one and explored the place thoroughly.

After the sumptuous and heavy breakfast, we headed to Chamba sightseeing, especially the Tehri Dam. Tehri Dam is built by cutting the mountains and it is the one among the most beautiful dams in India. From outside it is not possible to see the magnitude of the dam, therefore you must view it within the mountains. Though it is not allowed to go into the mountains without a permit, but if you can get a permission to see it then you must not miss the chance. Consequently, without any permission, we were not lucky enough to see the actual dimensions of the wonderful work of Man. Other than the Dam, barricaded water constructs a beautiful lake. So we spent quite a nice time enjoying the boating in the scenic lake.DSC01596

Next stop was Kanatal. We stayed in another nice hotel which was situated on the edge of a hill. It was not as satisfying stay as Chamba as the rooms were not good, yet the view of the mountains from here was breathtaking. After settling down in the hotel rooms, Kanatal sights were our target.

However It was dark enough to not to visit any landmark, therefore, we took a jungle night safari in an open jeep. It was the first such experience for the group, therefore all of us were excited about the safari. It was told that Jungle has a great number of leopards, yet it is a matter of luck even to spot a single animal. Keeping the eyes, in the bushes, we moved ahead. We inquired two returning vehicles about the animals that they noticed, but none of the passengers spotted anything on the way. Our hopes were almost ZERO to view an animal at this time.DSC01793
To our rapture, our group spotted two leopards, which were flaunting their walk while crossing the path, on the way. It was the incredible feeling to spot these because our chances to sight one were next to zero and we spotted two.
The subsequent day was due for adventurous activities at Adventure camp near to club Mahindra. Every member of the group tried their luck in Fox Flying, manual fox flying, Burma Bridge, and 1 other activity. It was fun filled activities which helped people to conquer the fear.
From Kanatal, we returned to Delhi without visiting Dhanaulti and Mussoorie so that we could visit these places later to explore.

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