Udaipur – With Our Eyes (Continues…)

We visited City Palace and Sajjangarh Fort i.e. Monsoon Palace. We returned to Gangaur Ghat just in time to see the procession. The ghat was swarmed with people had come to see the procession. All the Ladies were in blue, red, and yellow and Kids were in their best. Westerns were trying hard to breathe in the Human Ocean, but everyone of us, including foreigners, were eagerly waiting for Gan and Gaur idols. Ladies, from all the households, were bringing idols of Gan and Gaur and Actors were performing Kachchi Ghori dance.

Sooner Udaipur’s queen came in her Royal boat with Gan-Gaur idols and she flagged the start of the celebration. Everyone else dipped their idols and took it back to home. (It is not allowed to submerge the idols in Udaipur)

Gangaur Festival Udaipur
Gangaur, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur festival came alive as soon as royal boat returned. Stage shows were commenced and it was time for Rajasthani folk songs, various forms of Rajasthani dances, and other live performances. First act was Shiva’s destruction dance which was followed by melodious welcome Song ‘Kesariya Balam Aayo re’. Goomar dance, fire dance, chart dance, Teerah Taali dance, and Raas (a musical performance of Radha Krishna’s affair) exhilarated the entire Udaipur. These 4 hours were the best hours of our trip.

Next day after having some snacks, we visited Bagore Ki Haweli. It was restored as a museum from ruins. Many puppets of various sizes, mimicking various people, and decorated in bright colors are kept in the Museum. Other rooms unlocked various other cultural activities e.g. Shadi, war, courtrooms, weapons, and clothes etc. All in all this Museum could give you a lot of information about Rajasthan, and its people and culture.

Oh Udaipur is not only about historical monuments, but also for awesome cafés and restaurants. We didn’t miss the opportunity to explore one. We spend 2 hours of our time in such a chilling cafe which was quite near to Jagdish temple and Bagore Ki haweli.

After spending quality time in the cafe, we went to Fatehsagar Lake. Fatehsagar Lake attracts large number of locals and tourists. Couples, families, and old age people all enjoy the nature’s beautiful games over here.

There is a boat service to take you to the artificial Island situated within the lake. We took the ferry to reach to the Nehru Garden, the island. Setting Sun made the whole atmosphere enigmatic, and mystical beauty of the nature invited us to sit and enjoy it for a while. So we accepted the invitation wholeheartedly and entertained ourselves with the magnificent play of lake, hills and Sun.

Fatehsagar Lake
Fatehsagar Lake, Udaipur

As already said that Udaipur have awesome restaurants to enjoy the luxury of nature and taste of unbelievably tasty Rajasthani cuisines. We had our dinner at Raajbagh Restaurant based on our local friend’s recommendations.
It was a perfect restaurant for us. Tables, lit by candle, are placed in garden which touches the boundary of the Lake. Such settlings can even provoke Romance in a monk, and we are still enjoying the pleasure of the world.
In terms of food quality, restaurant didn’t quality as a great place. Every item was cold, and it did not taste great. Waiters were extremely polite and helpful. We spend quality time at the restaurant and left the restaurant quite late.
We must recommend this place to all people, mostly couples, to visit this nice restaurant. In nutshell, you would not go for food, but for the aroma and charm of the place. 

At times, we do not have luxury of time and need to cut short our trips. We were also out of time, so we all boarded with heavy hearts, but promised ourselves to return sooner. If you want to enjoy your journey and need special recommendation, send us your queries on our contact form. To Check our Udaipur Packages, Check: Rajasthan Packages

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